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The following statement has been issued by the South African Hindu Dharma Sabha over the DJ Carly O Halloween saga. The Sabha considers the matter resolved.

#DJCarlyO: SA Hindu Dharma Sabha official statement

The following statement has been issued by the South African Hindu Dharma Sabha over the DJ Carly O Halloween saga.

5 November 2019

To Whom It May Concern


From Ram Maharaj, President of the South African Hindu Dharma Sabha

Regarding the issue of Carly O dressing as Kali during Halloween I responded within the context of information provided by the relevant journalist.

Foremost, I called on Carly O to apologise.  Carly O has indeed apologized and we accept this in good faith.  Clearly, Carly O appreciates the sensitivity of the issue.  In pursuance, the South African Hindu Dharma Sabha deems this matter to be amicably resolved and let it rest there.

I was disappointed to learn that some people were subjecting Carly O to crass comments before and after the article cited above was published.  My conscience will not allow me to remain silent.  I strongly appeal to all those people targeting Carly O with death threats, vulgarities and obscenities to please stop.  This is patently unjustifiable, unwarranted and unacceptable.  Furthermore, they are inconsistent with Hindu principles and practices.  I call upon all Hindus to be cool, calm and circumspect even if religious susceptibilities have been inadvertently hurt.  Furthermore, I call on Hindus who are attacking fellow Hindus who support Carly O to refrain from such harmful behavior.  The great teachings of Hinduism can be crystallised thus:  “Be Good Do Good.”  As a caring organization the South African Hindu Dharma Sabha’s apex concern is Carly O’s safety and well-being.  

Carly O’s conduct certainly cannot be construed as constituting racism.  It must be noted loud and clear, far and wide, that one does not have to be a Hindu or Indian to worship our One, indivisible, living, loving Lord in the preferred name and form of Mother Kali, practise Yoga, meditate, etc.  God is equally accessible to all His children regardless of religion or race.  Hinduism has a divine, universal ethos. Our glorious religion is based on understanding, respect, goodwill, all-inclusivity, cohesion and love.  

Whilst the South African Hindu Dharma Sabha cannot and will not tolerate intolerance and allow any person or persons to covertly or overtly denigrate Hinduism or demean our Hindu community, Carly O’s case was one of perceived inappropriateness and not intolerance.  

According to her mother, Carly O is a devout devotee of our universal divine Mother Kali and therefore let us embrace her as such.



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  1. I fully endorse Mr.Ram Maharaj statement on behalf of the SAHMS.

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