#NoNutNovember woes through memes

Most of us are familiar with #NoShaveNovember where men flaunt their facial hair and refrain from shaving it all month long. But there’s another internet challenge gaining popularity off late and that is the #NoNutNovember. It has nothing to do with its literal translation (giving up almonds, cashews, walnuts, etc) rather an exercise in control and willpower as explains.

Men taking on this challenge (which has strict rules btw) can’t “bust a nut” (ejaculate) and have to abstain from sexual activities with a partner as well as masturbation. The idea is for them to learn something new or develop a hobby.

Whether you’ve accepted the challenge or think it’s plain bizarre, these memes will surely tickle your funny bone because they perfectly describe the struggles it entails.

While many participants are still going strong, there are those who have already admitted defeat and are trolling themselves. Check it out.

And for those of us who are done with viral internet challenges, Twitter user @DrSprankle suggests a great alternative that we can practice every month!

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