It Takes Courage To Stand By Your Choices – John Abraham

#SPICEPEOPLE: It does require a lot of courage to stand by your choices, says John Abraham. He has been in the industry for a decade now and has been experimenting with each and every film.

After a successful film like Batla House, John admitted that he needed a breather and did a film like Pagalpanti where the viewers need to leave the brains behind and just enjoy the comic caper.

John Abraham

He explained why he chose to do Pagalpanti, “ If you see the kind of films I have done Madras Cafe,  Parmanu, Batla House and Satyamev Jayate, all have been very serious films so even I needed a break which is why I wanted to a film that would make me happy and even the audiences happy. I am saying this on the record Pagalpanti is a film that cannot be critiqued. 

He even insisted as an actor he wants to do all kinds of films and is ready to face criticism, “ As an actor I want to do all kinds of films and I think today there is a space for all kind of films, now take Total Dhamaal or Housefull 4, I’m sure it has come out with a lot of criticism but look at the numbers. My point is families have gone and watched the film, so I want to do films that are enjoyed by families. I don’t mind criticism, will accept it with a pinch of salt and move ahead because after this I have Mumbai Saga, Satymev Jayate 2.”

John Abraham

Over the years the perception has definitely changed for John and his performance as an actor, “I think people have stopped writing negatively about me, things have definitely changed because I think the new audience that has come to see me has completely changed. It’s not the old set of people who are watching my films the new generation audiences prefer subtlety in performance, so what was considered good acting probably 15 years ago, is probably considered over the top today. 

I think it’s the perfect batch for me in terms of being accepted, it’s the right time, the kind of content that I am concentrating on as an actor-producer is great for me. I research for almost 3 to 4 years in the content that I am doing and investing, be it Vicky Donor, Parmanu or Batla House, my next four films have to be better than this and that can only happen with the research.”

John Abraham

John recalls how he was appreciated for his choices by YRF head honcho Aditya Chopra, “Aditya Chopra had once told me – ‘John the smartest move you made is that you have always done something different and your best choices are the ones that have failed’. It’s a fact I will never go down the conventional route. I will continue doing different stuff even when people don’t like it”.

John Abraham

Doing different stuff has also bought him criticism within the industry, he recalls, “When I did Parmanu the first person who heard the narration of Parmanu came out and told me sir yes sabsa gatiya film hai (it’s the most horrible script we have heard) and anybody would have shoved the project because it was a seasoned producer of 25 years of experience but I smiled, maybe I got it right and that person has got it wrong, today my next film with Abhishek Sharma is twice times better than Parmanu which I am starting next year so everything is about conviction. Don’t worry about success or failure.”

However, he is very proud of the industry and admits he has made some good friends here for life, “It does require a lot of courage to stand by your choices.

Today I am a part of the industry which I am very proud of, some of my nicest friends are from the industry,  like I speak to Akshay, Abhishek, Varun regularly, they are very close to me, we all know the kind of films we want to do and we are all successful in it.”

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