Nivashni Nair-Sukhdev scoops two Vodacom Journalist of the Year awards

Scrolling through my timeline, Nivashni Nair-Sukhdev’s tweets popped up on my screen, she just won another Vodacom Journalist of the Year award. I got up and scrambled for my diaries and trust me there’s loads on my shelf, I eventually found what I was looking for.

The day I met Nivashni Nair……#BR (before Rohan)

I remember my first encounter with journalist Nivashni Nair-Sukhdev, it was around 8pm she was at home in Pietermaritzburg stuffing around on Mig33 which is an archaic messaging platform similar to Mxit.

Similarly in Johannesburg I was on Mig33 & we crossed paths – without any Bollywood background music – I lie….we probably had Lotus FM playing in our respective homes. Nair-Sukhdev was busy researching the new trending app at the moment while she was the The Witness. Long story short, what began was not a whirlwind romance but the beginning of a friendship that has lasted 14 years.

In these precious years, I’ve seen her unshakeable drive and zest fuel her passions – including her shoe collection! I’ve learnt much from her especially patience as she took me along her path from single to married in 12 days to her beloved Rohan. It didn’t stop there, Nivashni had many more battles before her ‘groot trek’ was complete.

She lost her mother-in-law, the rock to her husband, Rohan and while all that was happening Nivashni was busy working on being a mom. Her journey from barren to bundle-of-joy is one that’s painful and through that pain she willed herself on. After endless treatments and tweets to keep us updated, she was blessed with a son, Riav. It was a moment that left me and many others close to her – happy for her – and it was her journey thus far that inspires many couples who also face a similar situation like the condition better known as PCOS or Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome.

During all of the above and many other trials that this woman faced, she still got up – sometimes cranky – and held down her job as a journalist. Be it Zuma in court or getting into the heart of a violent story down to common South African citizen – she got the job done. This woman did all this between trying to have a baby and keeping a family strong through crisis – she did it.

She gives her best as a journalist and writer and again while we revel in the win of the Springboks, Nivashni was the recipient of not one but 2 ‘Vodacom Journalist of the Year’ awards.

This year can be summed up as a remarkable special win for Nair-Sukhdev, it’s almost her Miss SA moment as she also recognizes her path of journalism and motherhood.

In her celebratory tweet she said,

This is not the first Vodacom Journalist of the year award that I have won, however, this time the recognition of my work means much more because juggling motherhood and journalism has been a real struggle. Vodacom Journalist of the Year, categories: Multi-platform & Opinion

Nivashni Nair-Sukhdev, Twitter

Nair-Sukhdev’s opinion piece which won the award was based on over her friendship with Penny Sparrow.

Nivashni and I worked together at the Sunday Times but in separate regions and in my 14 years I have still not met this amazing woman in person however I do not feel a need to. It is her gifted craft of words and the connection she makes with her reader that reminds you again why she is deserving of her #VJOY award.

Take a bow Nair-Sukhdev you seriously have done everyone proud – again!


You can connect with Nivashni Nair-Sukhdev here on Twitter or on Instagram. She also has a blog documenting her #PCOS journey visit here

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