Death of Sandra Moonsamy nephew and family business woes revealed

Kidnap victim Sandra Munsamy's case takes centre stage court as accused three and four have appeared for their bail application.

#SUNDAYTIMES: The case of Sandra Moonsamy kidnapping goes deeper as the Sunday Times reported on the family business woes and a mysterious death.

After being held in captivity for 162 days, Moonsamy’s return was celebrated whilst the family company is allegedly in turmoil, the mysterious death of her nephew where her brother is allegedly implicated.

The family business, Crossmoor Transport is a multi-million rand empire that once handshaked with the notorious Gupta brothers is supposedly bleeding dry. The family business apparently owes Engen close to R50 million ZAR for unpaid fuel bills. The family business had placed their CFO’s kidnapping against the claim being made by Engen.

The Moonsamy family lawyer in a response to the Sunday Times iterated that any indication of financial turmoil would place her life at risk. This was prior to her dramatic rescue last Thursday.

Nephew dies in fiery car crash after bitter feud

Another drama that played out at the Moonsamy transport empire was the feud sparked by Sandra Moonsamy’s brother -Alvin Naicker – and their nephew, Neville Chetty.

Chetty who was ousted from the family business for unknown reasons sought a Protection Order against Alvin Naicker insisting his life was in immediate danger. In his statement, the nephew Chetty stated

“He’s been calling me repeatedly, swearing me vulgar words, threatening to kill me, saying ‘it will cost me nothing to make you disappear in a blink of an eye'”

Neville Chetty

Sandra Moonsamy’s brother challenged the Protection Order by approaching the High Court to have the order set aside. Naicker clais he is not related to the applicant and the order obtained under the ‘Domestic Violence Act’ does not apply. Judge Nompumelelo stayed the order for a review process to be instituted.

Two weeks ago, Neville Chetty died in a collision which the authorities are investigating.

Assets seized at Crossmoor Transport

Engen hauled brothers Inderan and Alvin Naicker to court over the disputed unpaid fuel bill of R50 million rands. The company initially failed to honor payments in January 2019 and in March the situation grew dire where the company signed an acknowledgement of debt to the value of R35 million rands. Sandra Moonsamy was kidnapped two weeks later.

After Engen’s successful court application, the sheriff of the court attached assets belonging to the Moonsamy family company, Crossmoor Transport.

Moonsamy’s brother Inderan cited in his defense in court papers that the notarial bond was signed in error as the CFO was to oversee such agreements however she was kidnapped.

Naicker also went on to explain that the Engen bill would remain unpaid as the company was struggling to recover payment of R100 million from Gupta-related mine companies Future Coal and Optimum Coal.

The Naicker’s lawyer, Feroz Khan, denied any impropriety, insisting that Crossmoor Transport lost money on deals with Gupta-related companies.

Munsamy, the chief financial officer of the Xmoor Transport family business, was found on Thursday, 162 days after being kidnapped by a gang of armed men.

Hawks detectives found Munsamy alive and shackled in chains in a house in Emalahleni, Mpumalanga. Her captors allegedly demanded a ransom of R140m.

Munsamy’s brother Inderan Naicker said in a statement that she was still in hospital under supervision and surrounded by her family.

“Her long road to recovery begins now and all of your support is greatly appreciated. The Naicker family would like to thank the media and the general public for their unwavering commitment to Sandra’s safe return. Your thoughts and prayers are giving her strength,” he said.

Source input: Sunday Times | Sowetan Live


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