Comedian Akshar’s ‘Honest’ Desi Wedding Card is brilliant!

Hello to the Shaadi season!

Yes, it’s that time of the year when you will be receiving at least 3 wedding invitations, all of which will be accompanied by at least 9872384 people saying “You are next” and the feeling of probably dying single (I’m absolutely not talking about myself).

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While trends may come and go, that one thing that stands the sands of time is the wedding invitation card. There’s only one format, right? The first page revealing who-weds-who, the second mentioning the venue and timings, and the third providing a not so detailed map of the venue.

However, to spice things up a little, comedian Akshar Pathak made an “honest” wedding which is bound to leave you in splits!

So, the first page makes fun of how everyone wants their wedding invite to be the fanciest of all – so much so that even the Ambanis are brought to shame! It also makes fun of the ridiculous hashtags that every couple nowadays comes up with. But the funniest part is towards the end – “No gifts please, give cash only. Hum 18 juicer mixer grinder ka kya karenge.

The second page wins with one sentence – “7:00 PM Onwards. Hum Khud 8:30 Aayenge.”

And the third page makes fun of the maps which are never able to guide the invitees to the right location!

People on the internet are having the laugh of their lives! I mean, how relatable is this?

Henceforth when I receive a wedding invite, I’m not sure if I’ll be able to control the giggles remembering this one. Absolutely brilliant!

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