Keralite brass band performs traditional version of 90’s hit ‘Mukkala Muqabla’, Have a dekko

#POPCULTURE: Accept it. AR Rahman’s Mukkala Muqabla was every 90’s kids jam. The song is such a massive hit that even till this date you will groove every time you listen to it!

And now, a brass band from Kerala has performed their own rendition of the classic with traditional ‘Chenda Melam’ percussionists. Chenda is an Anavadha Vadya or Percussion Instrument. Its Sanskrit name is Dindimam. The cylindrical wooden part of the instrument is made of jackfruit tree wood and is also made using White teak wood, Cassia fistula wood and Sugar palm wood. The one carved out from the core of the jackfruit tree is considered special.

Singer Shweta Mohan took to Twitter to post a video of the entire performance and it’s bound to get anyone hooked!

As was expected, the video instantly went viral and is flooded with compliments. Some people even pointed out the man in a blue shirt and a veshti absolutely killing the scene with his moves!

Have a dekko here

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