#FeesMustFall: Jawaharlal Nehru University draconian rule must fall!

#NEWDELHI: Jawaharlal Nehru University Student Union President Aishe Ghosh on Friday night address hundred of protesters.

In her message to the public was that the protest against fee hikes will not stop until Jawaharlal Nehru University meets the student union demands.

The issue of the fee hike has already become a greater issue beyond Jawaharlal Nehru University. In Uttarakhand, medical students are challenging private medical colleges including those by Baba Ramdev who have ignored a court order in respect to fee hikes. These students have gone on a hunger strike for last 40 days.

In a passionate speech made outside JNU, Ghosh described JNU Vice Chancellor as being ‘incompetent’ in his duties. Ghosh has called on the protest to continue with another stand-off scheduled for Monday morning.

Video source: Samim Asgor Ali

Here JNUSU President and Delhi State Committee member Aishe Ghosh addressing the gathering of students and teachers protesting against the National Education Policy 2019.

In a public statement, Aishe Ghosh hits back at detractors at JNU management

The JNU Students Union would like to state the following. Our movement against the fee hike and the imposition of a draft hostel manual is a democratic movement against the authoritarian ways of administrative functioning. Students with their future at stake due to the fee hike can never be perpetrators of any violence or undemocratic action.

We condemn unequivocally the attempts to malign the JNU Student Movement through acts which do not represent the JNU Student Movement. The JNU Student community does not endorse any act of vandalism done in its name and whoever does it is doing it in his or her own name and should not use the name of the movement to justify such acts.

The acts of miscreants are a conspiracy to defame the university and it’s democratic culture by the right wing forces. The VC, the ruling regime and their allies want to divert the issue from the fee hike to pointless and polarizing debates. The “so called roll back of fee hike” is a hoax. The service and utility charges which were zero have been added to the mess bills of students. The gimmick of providing relief to BPL students is a lie since even they are going to face the fee hike.

Thus attempts to divert us from the real issues shall not succeed. The JNUSU also appeals to the student community to exercise restraint and not encourage such recklessness. The candalizers are the admin and their cronies and we shall continue fighting against them.


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