Kapil Dev ‘Natraj Shot’ leaves Ranveer Singh gasping for air as the memes arrive!

An all-rounder in portraying real-life characters on the silver screen, Ranveer Singh is all set to play the former Indian skipper Kapil Dev in his upcoming film ’83. He recently took to social media and unveiled the poster of the movie.

He also shared his rendition of Dev’s iconic ‘Natraj Shot’ and was praised for nailing the pose.

The picture has now become the talk of the town with people ‘memeing’ the picture. His recreation of the iconic pose sparked meme fest online:

Probably people thought the pose didn’t do justice to the star’s colourful personality. Whatever it is, we loved the dedication of the fans in bringing out Ranveer’s flamboyant personality with their LIT photoshopping prowess.

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