Justice Raymond Zondo and his Indian connect

Image Source: South Coast Herald

People of Indian-origin in South Africa commemorate 159-years since the arrival of the first Indian indentured-labourers this November.

#STRONGERTOGETHER: Now a heartwarming video of South Africa’s Deputy Chief Justice Raymond Zondo is a must-watch of him recalling how an Indian shopkeeper in Ixopo gave him his big break as a student.

The story relates to a loan for food which Bux, who owned a supermarket in Ixopo, offered a then 17-year-old Zondo in 1977. That act of kindness has remained with Zondo and 40 years later propels him to help the less fortunate.

In the video below, listen to DCJ Raymond Zondo as he recalls how he struck a deal with Mr Bux in his hometown of Ixopo. He explains how Bux funded his family’s groceries monthly while he [Zondo] took off to study law. Knowing his family are being taken care of, DCJ Zondo soldiered on to study his dream career.

And look at him today, he has come a long way since that meeting with Mr Bux. The most powerful message in the video is what Mr. Moosa did when Zondo returned to pay back the 3-year grocery bill.

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