5-YO brings cocaine to school, tells teacher he feels like Spider-Man after tasting it

#WORLD: There are several things parents should keep away from children’s reach especially medication, cosmetics, electrical appliances, etc being some of them. While prescription drugs may be kept far away from children, parents who illegally experiment with recreational drugs must exercise additional caution.

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Cocaine, heroine among other recreational drugs are banned in several parts of the world. But 29-year-old Benny Garcia from Massachusetts was apparently, using them illegally.

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His 5-year-old son was recently found carrying a powder-like substance in a decorative Spider-Man package at school, reports News 18. The toddler told his teacher that after tasting the powder inside the packet he becomes Spider-Man!

On investigation, it was found that the powder was cocaine. The kid was sent for medical examination but fortunately, the drug had caused him no lasting harm.

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Police raided his father’s home in the city and found more than 200 packets of cocaine and heroin with him. He was held by the police under a non-bailable warrant until his proceedings begin.

Parental neglect is a serious issue. Narcotics and psychotropic substances can have devastating effects on the growth and development of children. Parents must exercise extreme caution when it comes to the safety of their kids. Babyproofing your home and banishing illegal substances that can harm your little one should be your top priority.


Devi Sankaree Govender
Carte Blanche’s Devi Sankaree Govender rattles Actonville medical practitioner who has become a one-stop shop for illegally dispensing pharmaceutical drugs.

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