#VIDEO: Pakistan minister recommends citizens to eat locusts with biryani

#PAKISTAN: Karachi is currently battling a massive locust infestation. Videos of swarms of locusts flying in the air have been posted by several citizens online and it is a nightmare.

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Watch the video here:

When the problem was brought to the notice of Sindh Minister of Agriculture, Ismail Rahu, he came up with a pretty bizarre solution. In a video which was posted by a journalist, the minister suggests that the locusts be eaten with biryani or can be barbequed, reports News18.

“Iska aap barbeque kar sakte hain, biryani bana sakte hain. Kadhahi bhi ban sakti hai iski. Iski badi badi dishes banti hain”, he said.

Watch the video here:

People on the internet are facepalm-ing so hard! However, some made pretty good jokes about the Minister’s advice. Have a look:

So, next time you have an insect manifestation, you’ll know what to do!

Here’s the recipe

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