ANC’s Mohita Latchminarain’s alleged sex scandal rocks Mpumalanga legislature

ANC's Mohita Latchminarain of the Mpumalanga Provincial Legislature

#MPUMALANGA: The African National Congress’ Mohita Latchminarain of the Mpumalanga provincial legislature has come under focus in an alleged sex and infidelity scandal involving the province’s Deputy Speaker.

Latchminarain’s husband Mahendra had made a passionate plea to Premier Refilwe Mtsweni-Tsipane, Office of the Speaker and other provincial government officials to intervene.

In an email seen by various news outlets titled,

“Truth, if you are married and in a public office please be HONERABLE people voted for you including me (sic)”,

Attached to the email were WhatsApp messages that had allegedly indicated a torrid affair between Mohita Latchminarain and the deputy speaker Vusumuzi Mkhatshwa, a copy of Latchminarain marriage certificate and a series of family pictures.

The email reads

“Please take corrective action so that when you deploy members on the programmes that their marriage and lives are not shattered into millions of pieces by dishonour of this nature.

“I’m comforted by the fact that you the premier will not condone this behaviour ever, especially since government monies were used for the deployments for TLP Program Pestana Lodge and both members are married and should be Honerable in their public as well as private lives. Honerable premier, you surely can’t conduct your business of government like this especially being from the ruling party – ANC I will not blackmail my wife to stay married to me that’s why I’m going public, after this if she still decides to be married to me then so be it, if it ends in divorce then so be it (sic),” wrote Mahendra, 43. They were married in 2010.

Mahendra Latchminarain

Gauteng’s daily newspaper, The Star reported over the ‘flirtatious text messages ‘ including one where Latchminarain allegedly invited her boss, Mkhatshwa for a massage at her hotel room.

According to the messages the mother of three allegedly checked herself in at Pestana Lodge in Malelane at 2pm on September 19 and invited Mkhatshwa, who was on a work trip in Pretoria, 378km away, for a massage. Mkhatshwa declined the offer, citing the distance.

The Star
A screengrab of some of the text messages exchanged between Vusumuzi Mkhatshwa and Mohita Latchminarain.The Star

Latchminarain husband backtracks on allegations

When The Star newspaper contacts Mahendra over the blanket email sent to media houses, he denied his wifes alleged infidelity and retracted his email citing the Whatsapp messages were fake.

“The original chat was sent to me by an anonymous person, I had nothing to do with the contents or creating the chat. I don’t have access to my wife’s WhatsApp and she had her phone with her in Cape Town on official government business at the time I came in possession of the chat.

An angry Latchminarain described her husband as being abusive when asked about the sex scandal allegations.

“I don’t have any comments except to say I have no involvement with the deputy speaker and this situation is simply one of an abusive, controlling and manipulative husband,” she said.

Mohita Latchminarain, The Star


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