#DURBAN: Nine-month-old baby saved from gruesome murder-suicide scene in Phoenix

#NEWSBREAKLOTUS: The community of Phoenix, north of Durban, remains outraged after a nine-month-old baby was discovered at the scene of a gruesome murder-suicide.

A 30-year-old woman was allegedly suffocated by a 35-year-old man – who then hung himself at Stemlen Drive, in Phoenix, north of Durban at the weekend.

It is alleged that neighbors ran to the infant’s rescue after hearing the ongoing screams of the little child. This comes as another Phoenix man is currently facing charges of murder after his wife was found burnt to death in their Stonebridge home, earlier this year.

Chairperson of the Phoenix Policing Forum – Umesh Singh, is urging families to seek intervention for domestic disputes as more and more women are falling victim to violence.

Story by Newsbreak Producer Shanell Daniel

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