Pakistani bride dons ‘Tomato Jewellery’ at her wedding

#ARRE: What do you imagine when you think of a bride getting ready for her wedding day? A woman dressed in a beautiful, shiny dress-wearing elegant jewellery.

Well, the case was slightly different for this Pakistani bride who donned a necklace, earrings other ornamental items made of tomatoes for her special day. Ditching the traditional gold and diamond jewellery, the bride found the perfect way to question the state of the economy and draw attention to the surging tomato prices in the state.

Last week, tomato prices surged in Pakistan, crossing the Rs 300 mark per kilo. In a video of the bride speaking to a local journalist, she had announced that her family had given her three boxes full of red, juicy tomatoes.

She said, “The price of gold is expensive, and now even tomatoes and pine nuts are expensive. That’s why I am wearing tomatoes instead of jewellery.” She added that parents who had given their daughters tomatoes for her wedding had “given her everything”.

Calling out Pakistan’s economic situation, she further said that even her brother sent her pine nuts as a wedding gift, reports TOI. While some believed this urgent issue of price surge needs to be addressed, many just enjoyed the bride’s creativity.

The current situation in Pakistan is so severe that thieves have started stealing tomatoes for profit. According to local media, many farmers had started hiring guards to keep watch over their stores of tomato.

But this bride’s sassy approach to calling out the ongoing issue won our hearts. What’s the most creative protest you’ve witnessed? Tell us.

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