Suncoast Murders

Suncoast murders remain a mystery

#DURBAN: Community of Durban are still reeling in shock following the discovery of two bodies outside the popular Suncoast Casino in Durban.

Fifty-year-old Fatima Mohamed and 24-year-old Kresan Chandiah were found stabbed to death in the sand dunes outside by a passer-by.

The family of Muhammad said she left home shortly before midday on Monday, telling them she was going to Suncoast Casino for lunch. She last spoke to one of her daughters shortly after 1pm. When her daughter attempted to contact her an hour later, her phone was switched off.

“The police told us they discovered her body around 4pm. We were informed at 6.30pm. We don’t understand what could have happened,” said a family member, who asked not to be named. The family said they had requested video footage from Suncoast to help piece together Muhammad’s final hours. Muhammad was described as a bubbly and loving person. According to her family, her husband died 12 years ago, leaving her to take care of her three children.

Meanwhile, a member of Chandiah’s family described him as a religious person who was a tiler by profession. Chandiah’s family denied knowing Muhammad, just as Muhammad’s family denied knowing Chandiah.

eThekwini Cluster Community Policing Forum Chairperson, Imtiaz Syed says they remain concerned about the circumstances surrounding the murders.

No arrests have been made.

Source inputs: TimesLIVE | Newsbreak Lotus

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