Dad tricks daughter by ‘breastfeeding’ her with a bottle

#DADOFTHEYEAR: Parents always go the extra mile when it comes to taking care of their kids. Especially mothers, who are naturally instinctive and well prepared when it comes to the well-being of their baby. However, a father who tried breastfeeding his daughter is now officially the sweetest parent ever.

The eight-second clip features the man breastfeeding his daughter while the hungry infant’s mother wasn’t around. It was difficult for her father to console her since she wasn’t willing to drink milk from a bottle, reports India Today. 

What could the father have done in such a tricky situation? The answer was simple. He got creative and slid the milk bottle under his tee and tried breastfeeding the child.

Many people quickly noticed the girl’s skeptical reaction to her dad’s breastfeeding tactic, while others praised him for his creativity and effort.

Even if the child was confused, we’re just glad the hungry baby was fed on time in the most creative way ever.

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