India’s Trans Bill is ‘insulting & humiliating’

In its 12th year of existence Delhi Pride 2019 saw thousands come out in support of India’s LGBTQ rights which is a year after India’s Supreme Court decriminalised Section 377.

#GAYDESI: This years primary focus was to draw attention to issues concerning the Transgender Persons Rights Bill of 2019 and many came out wearing black on November 24th for the cause.

Carrying rainbow flags, balloons and placards and dancing to the beat of drums, they demanded self-identification in any gender for legal recognition rather than first registering as a transgender and then providing proof of surgery to authorities, as suggested by a government bill, reported AP.

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The controversial Bill has been heavily criticised for failing to include the opinions of transgender community while formulating the legal framework. The Bill is also touted as negative for taking away the rights of trans persons when it came to self-identifying their gender and orientation.

Anirudh, human rights activist and social worker for the last five years, called the Bill draconian, as it ‘takes away several rights of trans persons that exist at present.’

‘Insulting and Humiliating’

“It violates constitutional principles and rights. It is a discriminatory Bill that uses separate sentences to define the sexual harassment of cis women and trans people. It makes no mention of non-binary people at all. It conflates intersex and trans identities. This Bill requires a district magistrate to certify a person’s gender. The very idea that a transgender person has to be certified is insulting and humiliating,” he said.

The Bill seeks to provide a mechanism for social, economic and educational empowerment of transgenders. It has been moved for consideration and passage in the India’s Rajya Sabha.“If trans people are forced to stay with family, there’s a higher risk of violence.”

Shaunak Mahbubani, Artist

While people celebrated diverse gender identities and sexualities on the spectrum, many also expressed their the stance against the mounting injustices inflicted upon the community by multiple aspects of the society.

ALSO CHECK OUT: Delhi Gay Pride Parade in pictures

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