21-YO Mayank Pratap Singh India’s Youngest Judge

#INDIA: Millennials are on a spree of breaking records worldwide. Be it in the field of sports and games, entertainment or academics, youngsters are making sure they excel in everything they try their hand at.

One such talented and dedicated youngster, 21-year-old Mayank Pratap Singh from Jaipur has scripted history by topping the Rajasthan Judicial Services (RJS) examination. He has obtained 169 marks out of 300 in the Mains exam and scored 28 out of 35 in the interview round to become the State topper this year. With this, Mayank is all set to become the youngest judge in India.

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On contrary to the states of Delhi, Haryana, and Gujarat which have a lower age limit of 21 years for the judicial examinations, Rajasthan had the lower age limit of 23 years until now. They relaxed the age limit to 21 years this year and Mayank didn’t hesitate for a second before applying for the examination.

“The moment I got the notification of a reduction in age, I applied for this exam. I devoted my personal time and space to my studies which helped me crack the exam and I became a topper. College studies helped me a lot,” Mayank told HT.

Dedicating all the credit to his self-study, Mayank shared that he aimed at earning a big position and name inthe field of law since a young age. “Since I had PCM in class 11 and 12, many people asked me to give it a shot at JEE but I was inspired to pursue law in my higher studies. My parents were very supportive and supported me in my decision,” he told IE.

“I never ever had a Facebook account in my life. In fact, I had deactivated all other social media accounts during my exam time. I used internet only to get legal updates, for getting track of some interesting or important judgment of Supreme Court or High Court,” he added.

“Many of my friends did make a mockery of me for being absent from social media and not using WhatsApp and Facebook. However, with time, they got used to it,” he said.

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Mayank also shared the secret mantra behind his success and said, “It is the combination of both hard work and smart work that helped me crack the exams.”

“I used to wake up early in the morning and studied for a couple of hours before the day started. Since I did not opt for any coaching classes and it was nearly a year-long process (including prelims, mains followed by interview), it was difficult to stay motivated throughout. Thus, I prepared a schedule and stuck to it,” he explained.

The son of government teachers shared that though he was confident, he did not expect to score such impressive marks in the exam. “My exams had gone well and I was expecting to get through but I had never thought that I would get the top rank. I am the first one in my family to pursue law as a profession. It was tough to manage the preparation for the exam as well as finish my graduation along with it,” he said.

Mayank also opened up about the stressful environment he had to face during the interview round. “The environment during the interview was very conducive. The panel consisted of High Court judges and field experts. I was asked several questions ranging from conventional laws to practices followed to SC verdicts on Sabarimala and Ayodhya. The review on Sabrimala came a day before my interview and I had read about it in the papers, hence, I was able to answer these questions,” said the topper.

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Mayank who has completed his LLB from Rajasthan university wishes to make the best of his position and establish people’s faith in the judicial system. “A judge should show integrity and be impartial. He should have the physical and mental strength to avoid any kind of influence. As a judge, I wish to serve people and instill the faith that everyone who knocks at the door of law will get justice,” he said.

The topper concluded with an inspiring message for fellow youngsters who aim to make it big in their career. “Youngsters of my age are very distracted, be it because of social media or peer pressure. If they focus their energies on their goals, they can set higher goals for themselves,” he opines.

Mayank’s father who works as a principal at a government school in the city says his son has focused on his goals and worked hard for it since childhood.

It’s indeed a proud moment for Mayank and his parents. He surely has a long way to go. Kudos to you, Mayank!

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