Actor Parvathy: A Victim Of Child Abuse

Actor Parvathy made a shocking revelation in 2017 that she had faced child abuse in her life asking youth to learn from her journey.

#SHEMATTERS: At a function held at St. Theresa’s college of Ernakulam, the actor opened up about her own experience being a victim of abuse, teasing and stalking, much to the shock of her fans and the media.

Talking to the students, Parvathy said,

I have been a victim of child abuse and eve teasing. I have had encounters with online predators and stalkers. I have experienced everything that could make me someone else. I am sure I will have to face such situations in future too.”

Parvathy stated that she is also a victim of online predators and stalking.

The actor emphasised that women should be aware of such traps. As the use of social media is now at an all-time high among teenagers, the actress said that the younger generation should understand the value of elders words and that it is for their good.

She also said that youth of today have to listen to grownups and the youngsters have to be patient enough to hear what they have to say.


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