Indonesia Mandatory ‘Pre-Wedding Course’ For Couples Wanting To Tie The Knot

#JAKARTAPOST: A couple of months ago, we’ve seen a Hyderabad salon offering ‘Dulhan course’ that assured they’d inculcate ‘sanskari bahu’ habits in the bride-to-be. It drew immense backlash!

Now, the Indonesian government has decided to introduce a mandatory ‘Pre-wedding course’ for couples who plan to get married. The course, which will educate the couple on reproductive health, disease prevention, and childcare tips aims at training the couples to begin an efficient married life, reports Indonesian daily The Jakarta Post.

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The free of cost course that will come in effect from 2020 will be designed by the PMK, Ministry of Religion and Ministry of Health. Human Development and Cultural Affairs (PMK) Coordinating Minister Muhadjir Effendi announced the initiative stating it will help the couples to run a family smoothly.

“Anyone who gets married should get some kind of ‘upgrade’ about how to be a spouse with a family. [This class] will ensure that all parties involved understand the required knowledge, then they will receive a certificate,” he told Times Now.

“I know the question on everybody’s minds is, ‘If the couple fails the course what then?’ Simple, the couple that fails will not be allowed to get married. This course is different from the existing premarital counseling available at the Office of Religious Affairs as it is more comprehensive”, he added.

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Moreover, if a couple fails or refuses to take the 3-months course, they won’t be allowed to get married by the government.

A brilliant idea or just unnecessary compulsion, what do you think of the initiative? Tell us!

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