Death Of Indentured Labourer Selvan Guruvadu Haunts Memory

Steam among the cane. Natal Estates Ltd 0βˆ’4βˆ’0 side tank CORNUBIA, built by John Fowler, Leeds Image Source: Industrial Rail Society

#NEWSBREAKLOTUS: November 27th marks the 106th death anniversary of Selvan Guruvadu and others who were killed during the 1913 Natal Strike on the Mount Edgecombe sugar estate, north of Durban.

An assegai (spear) was used to stab him before he was shot. Guruvadu was part of a strike which Indian mineworkers and those living on the sugar plantations embarked on. At the time, the strike brought the economy of Natal (as it was then known), to a complete standstill. 

Plantation manager Colin Campbell was charged with the murder but he was later acquitted in the Verulam Magistrate’s Court. A group, who call themselves, Activists for Selvan Inquest (Asijiki) have gathered this sombre morning in Mount Edgecombe to commemorate the martyrdom of fallen Indian indentured labourers.

Asijiki spokesperson Kiru Naidoo explains…

The activists for Selvan Guruvadu’s death inquest opened a case with the SAPS last year, December 2018 calling for South Africa’s National Prosecuting Authority to reopen the inquest into the 106 year-old Guruvadu murder.

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