Zeeshan Ayub: I fast during Ramzan and I celebrate Diwali

An old video of actor Zeeshan Ayyub reciting a Diwali nazm by Nazeer Akbarabadi has resurfaced on social media. A Nazm is a major part of the Urdu poetry, that is normally written in rhymed verse and also in modern prose style poems. Nazm is a significant genre of Urdu poetry; the other one is known as Ghazal.

The video was originally created by the Hindi Kavita collective in 2015 and was posted to the Facebook page India Resists two years ago.

In the video, Ayyub also narrates his story of growing up in a multi-cultural household. His parents had an inter-faith marriage. Says Ayyub, “I fast during Ramzan and I celebrate Diwali.”

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