Jealous husband kills wife over Hrithik Roshan love

#NEWYORK: Emotionally abusive relationships are often rife with jealousy. And, “the jealous people are troublesome to others but a torment to themselves,” said William Penn. 

Probably, because jealousy a breeding ground for problems like insecurities, lies, and trust issues in a relationship. And all these things ultimately end up destroying a happy relationship.

One such real-life incident has come to light recently in Queens, New York. 33-year-old Dineshwar Budhidat’s wife Donne Dojoy enjoyed Bollywood star Hrithik Roshan’s performances in films. She reportedly had a huge crush on the actor which didn’t always go down too well with her husband, reports New York Post.

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Last week, Budhidat allegedly stabbed his bartender wife to death at their house in Queens. He then walked to a nearby field and hanged himself from a tree, reports Daily Mail.

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Between the murder and committing suicide, the man reportedly dropped a text to his wife’s sister stating that he had killed her and told her that the key of their house was kept near a flower pot.

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While the reason behind the crime is not clear, Dojoy’s friends have reportedly claimed that her husband was over-possessive of his wife and was irked by Dojoy’s crush on Hrithik Roshan.

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“She told me when she was at home watching a movie or listening to a song [with Roshan in it] he would ask her to take it off because he would get so jealous,” said Mala Ramdhani, 52, a karaoke singer at Gemini’s Ultra Lounge in Ozone Park, where Dojoy tended bar.

“Any movie he acted in she wanted to see it. Her favorite movie was “Kaho Naa … Pyaar Hai’,” she added.

“On her last day alive, Friday, Dojoy — who had moved out two weeks prior — agreed to stop by their old Ozone Park apartment, on Albert Road, to watch a movie and “chill” with Budhidat before her evening bartender shift,” another friend, Andel Rodney, a chef at the lounge said.

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Her friends or family do not know what movie they watched that fateful day or what suddenly went wrong that Budhidat murdered his wife.

Dojoy would reportedly tell her friends about her husband’s abusive and obsessive behavior. “She talked about him abusing her, controlling her, beating her, scaring her, threatening to kill her. She never took it seriously because she loved him,” Rodney added.

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Moreover, reports also suggest that just two days before the crime, Budhidat was charged guilty for misbehaving in court in a case dated back to the month of August. Budhidat and Dojoy had reportedly tied the knot in July this year.

The entire incident appears extremely fishy. What are your thoughts on this? Tell us!


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