REACTIONS: Netizens speak out over DJ Carly O

Social media has been abuzz since Halloween as South African Hindus lost their cool with DJ Carly O and her goddess Kali costume.

Parents Mary Papayya and Tony Oosthuizen have chosen to seek assistance from the authorities following death threats against their daughter DJ Carly O.

Here are some of the reactions from netizens over the issue

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DJ Carly O’s father, Tony Oosthuizen commented,

Tony Oosthuizen I am so sorry my girl, Carly Bernadette Oosthuizen, our son Llewellyn Naidoo, and my darling wife Mary Papayya, this is all my fault. Lee, I always told Carly that Hinduism is the most embracing and inclusive religion on the planet. I really did not know that you can’t be Hindu if you were not born into it or have a white father. I need to go and look up my university professor and question what he taught me in Religious Studies.

Carly O’s parents confront social media influencer The South African Desi in a series of posts


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