Vedic Numerology Science Aiding Businesses

Find mental, emotional balance along with securing success with your business ventures with renowned numerology expert Jayshree Baburam.

NUMEROLOGY: Canadian spiritual counselor, Jayshree Baburam is a world-renowned spiritual healer through the practise of Numerology. The coronavirus pandemic has affected millions of businesses which are facing disastrous consequences as the world economy comes to a halt.

The offices of Baburam’s practice are dealing with an influx of businesses seeking guidance during this crisis. Numerology is based on traditional Indian practises combined with modern mathematics, numerology has guided millions of people seeking prosperity in life and in their business ventures.

How does numerology drive successful businesses?

Numerology is a go-to for all business-minded people and can drive effective results in contributing to your revenue. The application of numerology aids business owners want the correct business name, partner names, business start dates, best times to invest, deal signing dates, and other core aspects.

Connecting with local businesses in South Africa

Jayshree Baburam hosts ‘Meditation by Divine’ classes around the globe as people seek answers to problems experienced. Her other services include aiding stress management, dealing with emotional & mental stability and decoding vedic numerology charts apart from business focused consultations.

In South Africa, her clientele ranges from various provinces but primarily from KwaZulu Natal, Gauteng & Cape Town.

Vedic Numerology Packages

To contact Spiritual counselor, Jayshree Baburam go here Whatsapp by clicking here now
Vedic Numerology Wedding Special
To contact Spiritual counselor, Jayshree Baburam go here Whatsapp by clicking here now

Baburam added, “I deal with clients from all different working backgrounds including Medical & Business practitioners, religions, gender & nationalities. To date all clients have expressed their happiness with use of the Mantra remedies related to their Numerology Report. I also facilitated their very first successful Maa Durga puja on the 23rd November 2019 at the Durban Hindu Temple for the community.”

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😇 #DIARY: #SpiritualCounselor Jayshree Baburam will be in #Pietermaritzburg & #CapeTown this #November hosting the #MeditationbyDivine seminar. She is known for her expertise lies in aiding #wellness, #relationship guidance, driving #personalgrowth and resolving #psychological #distress. . To learn more get in touch with her visit our website under #DIARY for details . #JayshreeBaburam #SpiritualCounsellor #MeditationTeacher #Meditation #Counsellor #DivineBeautyInstituteandCosmetics #DivineBeautyInstitute . To be featured on #indianSpice tag us #spiceofi . Are you following us on #Instagram & #Twitter? Find us as #spiceofi #CrownTheBrown #news that matters to #SouthAfrica visit

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My trip in November 2019 to South Africa was extremely successful in providing Numerology reports & Meditation healing aids to my seminar attendees .

Jayshree Baburam

Understanding numerology

Numerology reports what are they? Baburam explains, “My most popular purchased Numerology reports are relationships, marriage, education, career & business. If there is an issue in names, I adjust the name number to make the marriage compatible.”

What is Numerology exactly? You may be thinking, Numerology is the study of numbers which was invented thousands of years ago by ancient Indian sages. It is a science in which conclusions about one’s character, career, strength, talent, weaknesses, life purpose & future is determined.

Jayshree applies Vedic numerology to harmonize & coordinate the name number with the birth number which allows her to provide scientific solutions that enables one to enjoy a happy successful life. 

Jayshree Baburam, Spiritual counselor

Each letter of the alphabet has a numerical value. The second question you may ask yourself, what is the importance of a person’s name? The number of a person’s name also affects his/her life. In numerology the person’s name number & birth number, destiny & life number are just some of the numbers calculated. Also combined name & birth numbers are calculated to see all the good & bad that will occur in a person’s life.

Client Testimonials

“I would like to recommend Mrs. Jayshree Baburam, she has a warm demeanor and a professional etiquette. With valuable and holistic qualities of an understanding character, spiritually and commitment to excellence she will be of great assistance.”

Dr. Sudhir Dookie (Specialist Neurosurgeon, South Africa).

“I was privileged to have had a numerology reading by Mrs. Jayshree Baburam. The reading was accurate & detailed. She is an excellent spiritual counselor & an amazing person.”

Dr. Sujata Hariparsad (Occupational Medicine Specialist, South Africa). 

“Mrs. Jayshree Baburam is truly an expert in the field of Numerology! I was amazed at how accurate she was with the readings for myself and for my two sons. Jayshree provided information that was very intuitive and extremely helpful. Everything was explained to us in detail and with the terminology that we could understand. We have been following the instructions that Jayshree has given us and we are seeing immense success in our life.”

Deveshinee Maharaj (Librarian, South Africa). 

To contact Spiritual counselor, Jayshree Baburam go here Whatsapp by clicking here now

Spiritual belief are cornerstones of people’s foundations in life and research shows that a person’s state of well-being is a combination of ensuring a balancing of mind, body and soul. Baburam’s expertise lies in aiding wellness, relationship guidance, driving personal growth and resolving psychological distress. Her work in the area of spiritual healing has made her a household name here in South Africa and the greater African continent and alson North America & Asia.

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