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Spiritual Counseling with Jayshree Baburam

Spiritual counseling is a type of counseling that focuses on nurturing a person’s spiritual development.

#SPIRITSCIENCE: Canadian spiritual counselor, Jayshree Baburam was in South Africa this past November 2019.

During her trip to South Africa she hosted the ‘Meditation by Divine’ classes giving residents of Cape Town and Pietermaritzburg the opportunity to interact with her and seek answers to problems experienced.

The classes included ways of managing stress and dealing with emotional & mental stability. Attendees also received a complimentary Numerology report from her. To contact Spiritual counselor, Jayshree Baburam go here Whatsapp by clicking here now

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😇 #DIARY: #SpiritualCounselor Jayshree Baburam will be in #Pietermaritzburg & #CapeTown this #November hosting the #MeditationbyDivine seminar. She is known for her expertise lies in aiding #wellness, #relationship guidance, driving #personalgrowth and resolving #psychological #distress. . To learn more get in touch with her visit our website under #DIARY for details . #JayshreeBaburam #SpiritualCounsellor #MeditationTeacher #Meditation #Counsellor #DivineBeautyInstituteandCosmetics #DivineBeautyInstitute . To be featured on #indianSpice tag us #spiceofi . Are you following us on #Instagram & #Twitter? Find us as #spiceofi #CrownTheBrown #news that matters to #SouthAfrica visit www.indianspice.co.za

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Spiritual belief are cornerstones of people’s foundations in life and research shows that a person’s state of well-being is a combination of ensuring a balancing of mind, body and soul. Baburam’s expertise lies in aiding wellness, relationship guidance, driving personal growth and resolving psychological distress. Her work in the area of spiritual healing has made her a household name here in South Africa and the greater African continent and alson North America & Asia.

To contact Spiritual counselor,Jayshree Baburam go here Whatsapp by clicking here now

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