Troll Ryan Gerber sparks fury of Muslim community over Islamophobic hate speech

#SOCIALMEDIA: An online troll known as Ryan Gerber has sparked fury over his hateful Islamophobic and racist messages.

Users on social media have shared their outrage over the offensive messages that were seen over one user who was enquiring over the sale of a Playstation on Facebook Marketplace.

The social media user ‘Muhammed’ messaged him and below are the responses of a Ryan Gerber.

Social media user, Yusuf Abramjee took up the matter with Investec on Twitter.

Investec has responded that Ryan Gerber – who allegedly works for the banking institute – is not an employee on record past or present. It is understood that Investec has opened a case in respect to the fake profile.

Here is Investec’s tweet in response to the public outcry

The user has since deleted its profile however social media users are on the hunt to bring the troll to justice.

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