Police Help Indian Couple Host Wedding In Police Station

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#UTTARPRADESH: Love can drive people to do some silly things and also some responsible adult things as well. For this couple in love, the cops from the Deoband police station in Saharanpur decided to become shaadi-planners! When the couple’s parents refused to accept their relationship, the police stepped in to make it happen.

Wait it gets better read on….

The young couple, Khushnaseeb and Abdul Malik who were head-over-heels in love with each other found it very difficult to convince their parents to get them into matrimony.

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That is when the couple approached the Saharanpur SSP. The cops tried to mediate a talk between the couple and their parents but when the families did not relent, the cops decided to host their ‘Nikah’ inside the station itself, said HT.

Talking to the media, Deoband SHO Yagdatt Sharma said:

“Abdul Malik, a resident of Pathanpura Mohalla, was in love with Khushnaseeb of Gandhewad village under Mirzapur police station. They both wanted to get married, but because of their families, they couldn’t marry. So we decided to help them since both are adults.”

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The entire police station was also reportedly decorated for the event. Several people also crowded the place to witness the one-of-a-kind wedding. “We will always be grateful to the police for helping us out in our difficult times. It was a unique marriage which we will remember for a long time,” said the couple.

Isn’t this a pure Bollywood style happy ending to their love story?

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