WATCH: Alia Bhatt breaks down voicing guilt for not understanding her sister's depression

Alia Bhatt’s sister and author Shaheen opened up about her mental health at depth, a few days ago. She spoke in detail about suffering from depression since she was 12-years-old.

Shaheen also shared that the dark phase of her life had her contemplating suicidal thoughts on multiple occasions.

After successfully battling and winning over depression, Shaheen chose to share her thoughts and experiences with the world. Many came in support of the elder Bhatt sister who took the internet by storm with her wise and thoughtful words on the matter.

Alia Bhatt too shared how moved and proud she was to watch her sister opening up about the giant elephant in the room which people often hesitate to talk about.

But Alia still believes that she lacked to understand Shaheen when she was suffering from depression. “I felt terrible as a sister. I didn’t put myself out there enough to understand her,” Alia told HT at an event.

She burst into tears and continued to say, “I have only believed that she is the most brilliant person in my family. To some extent, she has never believed that about her own self but that always broke my heart. I was sensitive but I feel guilty for not understanding as much as I should have,” reports Zee News.

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Shaheen and Alia share a very warm relationship with each other. They are often spotted supporting each other in their work and life. Depression often leaves people baffled, not just the one who suffers, but also those closest to them. All we can do is, keep calm and lend our support to those in pain without any ifs and buts.

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