Jaya Bachchan Calls For Mob Lynching Of Rapists In Indian Parliament

When it comes to handling media, Jaya Bachchan is blunt and honest.

#INDIA: Recently, the rape and brutal murder of a 26-year-old veterinarian in Hyderabad has stirred shockwaves across the country. As a large number of activists have gathered in every corner of the nation demanding justice for the victim, members of the Rajya Sabha are debating on measures that need to be taken to increase the safety of women in India.

According to a report by News18, in a recent Rajya Sabha session on increasing crimes against women, Jaya Bachchan advocated that “such people (rapists) be brought out in the public and lynched.”

“It is my suggestion…I know it is a little harsh…I think these kinds of people need to be brought out in public and lynched,” she said.

Watch the video here:

Jaya Bachchan’s suggestion has left people on the internet divided, while some staunchly supported her recommended punishment for rapists, others stood completely against her views and said that violence and mob justice cannot be a possible solution to the problem.

Have a look:

Is mob lynching of perpetrators a possible solution to curb crimes against women? Let us know!


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