Hrithik Roshan is your 'Sexiest Asian Male' of the decade!

Hrithik Roshan the understated man-crush of millions globally can add another sexy feather to his cap!

Recently, a man had allegedly killed his wife due to her fondness for the actor. However, the actor didn’t gain fame overnight. He has worked tirelessly to achieve this success in life.

It goes without saying that his hard work and efforts have yielded positive results. The Bollywood star has been voted the ‘Sexiest Asian Male’ of 2019 in an online poll released in London on Wednesday, reports NDTV.

The 45-year-old actor scored a double win as he topped the overall ranking for the last 10 years as well. The rankings compiled by British newsweekly Eastern Eye were based on votes received from film fans around the globe.

“I would like to thank everyone who feels so and has voted for me. I am flattered but I also know that it is not an achievement. Just a person’s looks are not relevant in the larger scheme of things. I don’t judge people by the way they look. Similarly, I don’t judge myself either by the way I look. What is attractive in a person is his/her story, journey and the way that person has dealt with situations in his/her own life. Looking a certain way for my characters is just a part of my job, which takes a lot of effort and hard work,” Hrithik was quoted by Hindustan Times after his win.

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