Rape Accused Con-Artist Nithyananda Flees India Buys Island Sets Up Own Country

In case you are wondering why the internet is filled posts talking about a person called Nithyananda, here’s a sneak peek.

Nithyananda is a “self-styled godman” who runs several ashrams across the country. He preaches Hinduism and claims that he has established ashrams in about 47 countries. Now, this man is also accused of illegal confinement of children in his Ahmedabad ashram, kidnapping, rape, molestation, and abuse, according to a report by The Indian Express.

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Recently, Nithyananda fled the country after facing charges of rape, reported India Today. He is also facing additional charges of kidnapping and confinement of children for the purpose of collecting donations from his followers.

At the moment, Gujarat police is gathering evidence against Nithyananda and trying to “track him down.

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However, in the meantime, interesting information has popped up on Nithyananda’s website. It has been reported that Nithyananda has “bought an island” somewhere close to Trinidad and Tobago from Ecuador and has founded a new nation there named ‘Kailaasa’. Also, Kailasa has its own passport and flag!

According to, “Kailaasa is peaceful, sovereign, service-oriented and represents an ideology, rather than a territory”. It is a “stateless” nation and its vision is “to unite all countries in serving the world with the wisdom of the science of Enlightenment” which is the “mastery key” to solving the various problems of the world.

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A passport and citizenship can be given to “all practising Hindus and Hindus who would like to deepen their practice” and will offer a “safe refuge” to any “persecuted Hindu”.

Kailaasa also claims to have governmental services and departments including Homeland Security and Defence, Commerce, Housing, Human Services, Education, Technology and Enlightened Civilization, and also has a “treasury”.

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People on the internet are completely mind-blown by how somebody accused of several heinous crimes can apparently buy an island and set up his own nation. Some even lauded the guruji’s “swag”!

Nithyananda’s legal team is preparing a petition to be sent to the United Nations seeking recognition for his “sovereign nation of Kailaasa”.

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This is not the first time that Nithyananda has landed into a controversy. In 2010, a video of Nithyananda had surfaced on local news channels wherein he was purportedly shown engaging in sexual acts with a Tamil actress. He had defended himself at the time saying he was merely ‘practising the shavasana’ and that he was impotent.

A case was filed against him in Bangalore. He was finally arrested from Himachal Pradesh’s Solan district on April 21, 2010. Nithyananda was, however, let off on bail. Two years later, though, he landed again in soup when a US-based woman claimed that Nithyananda had abused her for five years.

This man should suffer the repercussions of his crimes. It is beyond ridiculous how a fugitive can claim to have founded his own country!

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