St James Prep School 2021 Admission Now Open

St James Preparatory School in Johannesburg has placement opportunities limited to 30 students across Grades 000 to 7 for the 2021 academic year. Just a 5-minute drive from Johannesburg’s bustling banking centre, St James is a private, co-ed school which believes that teaching is complete if it has spirituality at its heart.

This international, philosophy-based school is located at one of Johannesburg’s official heritage sites,  a magnificent 116-year-old building which could be likened to the magical school of Hogwarts from the Harry Potter novels. 

Unlocking your child’s full potential

While every child possesses unique characteristics, St James believes that they share in a single, unlimited divine nature, which is full of happiness, vitality and knowledge. All teaching and learning, therefore, is guided by this belief so that the students may flourish and develop character in keeping with their true nature.

As part of a global education community with international recognition, St James has high regard for the superior quality of Cambridge Assessments. Students and parents can be confident that Cambridge qualifications will be understood and valued widely in SA and abroad. St James caters to a maximum of 180 students which makes for caring and individualised teaching together with a wholesome sense of family and community.  During COVID-19, St James was able to pivot immediately to online teaching and learning, without losing a single day of instruction time.  The school’s compact size allowed them to welcome back students from ALL grades when schools reopened, thus keeping the school community connected and productive.

School life at St James Prep

Life at St James is brimming with thoughtful inquiry and reflection, academic rigour, and spirited and creative endeavour. Students enjoy a distinctive education environment where they may flourish spiritually, emotionally, intellectually and physically. St James students study philosophy and Sanskrit from young, with mantra-based meditation being introduced when they are 12 years old.  These established traditions set the scene for curious minds and humble hearts!

Thus it remains to the school to see that true knowledge and proper discipline are imparted to the youngsters, with which they would become living examples of a good life in society and would also attract others towards this.

Śrī Śāntānanda Sarasvatī in conversation with Leon MacLaren, founder of the St James Schools

Teachers are caring and competent at meeting children where they are at; they are committed to delivering the challenging Cambridge Primary curriculum in an engaging and inspiring way. Children have a variety of extra-curricular activities to choose from, ranging from yoga, chess, music and art, to basketball, soccer and more. There is something for every child.  For working moms and dads, St James offers the convenience of affordable after-care which is supervised until 17:00 each day.  Affordable and safe school transport adds further convenience for families.

The love of education at St James Prep

St James’ small, focused classes bring the curriculum to life through a vibrant programme of recitals, excursions, camps and an impressive line-up of school events. 

The children and staff come together daily in the elegant dining hall to enjoy healthy, 3-course vegetarian meals, express gratitude and serve one another.  The lunches are freshly prepared on-site by a talented catering team, using wholesome, quality ingredients, many of which are grown in the school’s veggie garden. Parents and relatives are regularly invited to join the children and teachers around the table for lunch.

The Philosophy of St James Prep

The ethos of this private school is based on the philosophy of divine unity, where we are all part of a single human family, connected by a greater presence.  Students are introduced to philosophical concepts and practices from young and this helps them develop a growing sense of inquiry and wonder both inwardly and in the world around them.

The Sanskrit Prayer for humanity

St James Prep School Johannesburg
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In keeping with the philosophy of unity and connectedness,  St James offers parents of young children a timeless and holistic education, built on universal qualities. The school assemblies contain readings and prayers from a variety of western and eastern sources and help set the tone for the day.  These prayers and readings emphasise the unifying principles common to all the great faiths and teachings of the world.

These prayers and readings emphasise the unifying principles common to all the great faiths and teachings of the world.

St James Prep school
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St James Prep School in Johannesburg has placement opportunities for just 30 students across Grades 000 to 7 for the 2021 academic year. Apply today for your child’s placement at St James Prep today by connecting below,

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