Zayyaan Sayed Death: Arrest warrants issued

Zayyaan had gone in for a case of reflux where a laparoscopic procedure was done. The operation was last only and hour and half but it took nearly four hours. The doctor has claimed that the child was overweight and also found South Africa's hospital staff standards as 'questionable'.

Paediatric surgeon Prof Peter Beale & anaesthetist Dr Abdulhay Munshi will appear in court on charges of culpable homicide over the death of 10-year-old Zayyaan Sayed. TimesLIVE reports that warrants have been signed and issued on Monday and will be served on paediatric surgeon Professor Peter Beale and anaesthetist Dr Abdulhay Munshi. The late 10yo Zayyaan Sayed’s parents claim the actions of the Wits University professor emeritus of paediatric surgery Peter Beale, 73, and his anaesthetist, Dr Abdulhay Munshi, 56, led to the agonising and traumatic death of their son.

LATEST DEVELOPMENTS: Dr Abdulhay Munshi, a Johannesburg anaesthetist who has been facing charges of culpable homicide relating to the death 10-year-old Zayyaan Sayed has been shot dead, tap here

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The warrants issued by the Johannesburg magistrate’s court, state that the two are to be charged with culpable homicide relating to the death of Zayyaan Sayed.

“It is so traumatic. All these bad things that are being said about me. I cannot comment.”

Dr. Abdulhay Munshi responding to TimesLIVE

Beale’s attorney, Jeanne Albertse, said her client will assist in the investigation into the death of Zayyaan Sayed. To read more on Zayyaan Sayed’s death and the case relating to Prof Beale and Dr Munshi case tap here

Source: TimesLIVE

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