#VIDEO: The difference between daughter and daughter-in-law

he difference between daughter and daughter-in-law according to Sharmila Tagore as she spills some royal secrets of the Pataudi family with Kareena Kapoor on Ishq FM’s What Women Want.

Kareena Kapoor Khan and Sharmila Tagore got together on the couch for the first time for former’s radio show What Women Want.

The ten-minute-long interview had Sharmila spilling the beans about the funniest, most stubborn, and the most confusing member of the Pataudi family. She also won over the audience with her replies to questions about the difference between daughter and daughter-in-law and her favourite grandchild.

When Kareena asked Sharmila what is the difference between daughter and daughter-in-law, the veteran actor replied, “A daughter is someone you’ve grown up with. So you know her temperament, you know what makes her angry and how to deal with that person. You’re meeting your daughter-in-law when she is an adult already and you don’t quite know what her temperament is like, so it takes time to gel. The new girl, your daughter-in-law, is coming to your house so you need to welcome her and make her more comfortable.”

She shared her own experience when she got married to Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi and how she adjusted in the family. Also, she said the adjustments in marriage might seem minor but they are not.

“The onus is on the boy’s side to welcome a girl and make her comfortable and not interfere too much because it is a new relationship. If I say, ‘When my son was young, this is what he liked and this is his favourite dish’… All that showing off can be at a bane. You should allow their relationship to grow more than try and take over,” Sharmila added.

Later, the veteran actor also mentioned what she likes about her daughter-in-law Kareena Kapoor Khan. She said, “I like your consistency. I like the way you keep in touch because I know that if I sent you a message, you will invariably answer. If I am coming to the house, you will ask me what I like to eat and I get what I want. That must be the Kapoor trait because you keep a wonderful table. I have seen you during various stages and you have been rather wonderful.”

Like all the Pataudis, Sharmila was also quizzed about Taimur’s popularity at such a young age and its effect on him. “I feel what the media does is, it builds you up and then suddenly dumps you. Tomorrow Viral Kohli and Anushka Sharma will have a child and Taimur might be relegated. But at Taimur’s age, it does not matter since he is very young, but if he is at 7 or 8 and he continues to be a rage as he is now and then he is dumped then it would matter him.”

Sharmila Tagore is blessed with four grandchildren, Taimur, Inaaya, Sara and Ibrahim. She loves all four equally. Also, she is proud of Sara Ali Khan. “I think Sara’s interviews, I just love them and I am proud of her. And Ibrahim is the only one who looks like a Pataudi. He is kind of tall and he likes cricket,” said Sharmila on being asked about her favourite grandchild.

In the last segment, Kareena asked some fun questions. Here are what she asked her mother-in-law:

Your most stubborn child? Saif, Saba or Soha?

Sharmila Tagore: Soha.

The cooler life partner? Kareena or Kunal?

Sharmila Tagore: Both are well suited. Kareena is well suited for Saif and Kunal and Soha are also very well suited.

The most confusing member on family Whatsapp group?

Sharmila Tagore: No doubt, it’s me. I can’t get it right at all.

The family member with the best sense of humour?

Sharmila Tagore: Undoubtedly Saif. Tiger, of course, had he been around, but Saif is a very close second.

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