WATCH: Bridal couple exchanged garland of onions and garlic

Not gold but onions and garlic were exchanged at this Uttar Pradesh wedding as the price of onions soar to R25 ZAR per kilo in India.

#INDIA: The soaring prices of the humble kitchen staple, onion, have forced people to regard it as no less valuable than gold. Strangely so, onion made its way into this Uttar Pradesh wedding where the couple exchanged garlands made of onion and garlic, not traditional flowers.

During the wedding ceremony, for the ritual of jaimala, the pair opted for onions and garlic garlands as they apparently wanted to make a symbolic statement against theย high prices of the kitchen staples, news agency ANI reported.

In the video, guests at the wedding too decided to present the newlyweds with the highly sought after commodity as onion prices breached the Rs 100 mark across the country.

Watch the video here:

A political partyย member Kamal Patel said, โ€œPrices of onions are touching the sky from last one month so now people have started considering onion as precious as gold. At this wedding, the bride and groom used the garland of onions and garlic. The prices of onion have risen to Rs 120 per kg.โ€

Earlier, in Bengal and Tamil Nadu as well, newlyweds received onions as wedding gifts as the price shot up in the last two months.

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