TRAILER: Darbar with Superstar Rajinikanth

Check out the trailer of Darbar, starring Superstar Rajinikanth, and directed by A R Murugadoss, for yet another blast of nostalgia, and the urge to book tickets, or whistle-podu! The film is expected to release on Pongal 2020.

Rajinikanth returns to the Supercop genre (yup, there is such a genre in Telugu and Tamil) after more than two decades.

His way over the top ‘Alex Pandiyan’ character in Pandiyan (1992) is cult, and the dialogues still resonate. But in Darbar, he’s bringing back dialogues from Robot and 2.0, but with a slight twist. The recall is instant, and it works.

Rajinikanth’s last film as Rajinikanth was unarguably Padayappa (1999). All of his films post that were neither formula nor entirely ‘mass.’ Sivaji, the two Robot films by Shankar, KabaliKaala, and even Chandramukhi, saw him break character from the superstar persona and story arc that his fans had come to love. Yes, I have purposely forgotten to mention Baba (2002).

Which is why when Petta (2019) hit the screen in January this year, it felt like a breath of fresh 90s air, after a decade -long wait.

With Darbar, Rajinikanth digs his heels deeper into his 90s self, and emerges younger than even his look in Petta (Remember, the man turned 69 last week!)

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