Watch: The Nirbhaya Documentary India’s Daughter

India’s Daughter the BBC documentary by British filmmaker Leslee Udwin recounted the infamous brutal rape and murder of a woman on a bus in Delhi in 2012.

DOCUMENTARY: India’s Daughter is the banned BBC documentary by British filmmaker Leslee Udwin. She recounted the infamous brutal rape and murder of a woman on a bus in Delhi in 2012.

Jyoti Singh Pandey aka Nirbhaya, a 23 year old physiotherapy student, was beaten and brutally raped on a bus while travelling with a male friend. She later died from her injuries sustained during the attack, the hype around Udwin’s documentary led to Indian authorities banning the broadcasting of the film in India.

This incident sparked protests and spurred a national conversation about women’s rights and safety. The film was scheduled to be broadcast on the Indian television but a last-minute intervention by the Indian government banned its release.

The people of India and those championing the cause of gender-based-violence are celebrating as the life of 4 the Delhi rapists came to an end. The four men convicted of the Nirbhaya gang rape and murder case were executed on Friday, March 20th, seven years after their crime.

Watch India’s Daughter here or stream here

Udwin has developed a very well constructed and balanced documentary with India’s Daughter. We are transported into the world of Jyoti Singh, not only through her parents whose interviews will break your heart but through those who knew her and didn’t.

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