Elephant Santa Hands Out Presents in Thailand

Ho! Ho! Ho! It’s Christmas eve and we’re in the festive spirit. Honestly, who isn’t? The internet is filled with stories of joy and giving. While we’re yet to receive our Christmas gifts, people across the globe have started sharing stories about their special presents!

Recently, students from a school in Ayutthaya, Bangkok received their Christmas presents in a very unique way. Elephants dressed as Santa Claus gave out presents and candy to the students at Jirasartwitthaya School, reports NDTV.

Watch the ‘Elephant Santas’ here:

The 15-year-old tradition is a yearly highlight for the students. This year, four elephants and their mahouts dressed in festive attire and handed out balloons, snacks, and toys to the eager kids.

“The highlight is not only handing out presents but also students and elephants are forming a Christmas tree together,” Lardthongtare Meepan, owner of the Ayuttahaya Elephant Palace was quoted saying by The Sun Daily.

Later, the elephants danced and showed off tricks to the happy onlookers. “I’m very happy to see them and they are very cute. I love elephants because it dances very cute,” Patcharamon Sukpiromsunti, a primary school student was quoted saying by Daily Mail.

Thailand’s national animal elephant holds great significance in their history and literature. We truly enjoyed watching these magnificent mammals handing gifts to the adorable kids, what about you?

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