Sabja Seeds Aid Weight Loss

If you intend on losing weight fast, and stay fit, dieticians recommend you include sabja seeds in your diet.

The sabja seed is a type of sweet basil or tulsi seeds, also called Falooda seeds which is usually consumed after soaking in water. Just two teaspoons contain 40 calories but they are nutrient-dense. Soaking them in one cup of warm water for 15 minutes causes the seeds to fully swell up, which releases antioxidants that are beneficial for digestive enzymes.

The black and tear-shaped seeds, that seem similar to chia seeds, are rich in proteins, carbs and essential fats and packed with a good deal of fibre. Sabja seeds are full of iron, Vitamin K and protein and you can purchase this amazing product from B. Nagiah’s stores in Gauteng and KZN or any health store in your area.

“Basil seeds also offer benefits in preventing weight gain in people with metabolic syndrome. Animal studies have shown that consumption of basil seed extract may delay the development of insulin resistance and shows promise in treatment of diabetes. Basil seeds’ high fibre content likely slows digestion to prevent spikes in blood sugar, and subsequently the hormone insulin, following meals,”

Roshan Kore, senior dietician, Narayana Health – SRCC Children’s Hospital

Since these seeds do not really have a distinct taste, they can be added to a variety of dishes to enhance nutritional value. They are great as a garnish for drinks and desserts, blended in lemonade or sprinkled over kulfi.

Benefits of the Sabja Seed

Cures cold and cough: With antispasmodic properties, sabja seeds help in controlling cough and strengthen immunity. Flavonoids like vicenin, orientin and beta carotene help strengthen the body’s defence system.

Aids weight loss: As a rich form of alpha-linolenic acid (ALA), which comes from high levels of Omega-3 fatty acids present in the seeds, the fat-burning metabolism is enhanced in the body. It is also full of fibre, which keeps the stomach satisfied for longer and prevents cravings. You can add it to a bowl of yoghurt or sprinkle some in a fruit salad as a pre-meal snack to control appetite.

Controls blood sugar levels: Considered to be good for type 2 diabetics, as it is known to keep a check on blood sugar levels, sabja seeds help slow down the conversion of carbohydrates into glucose.

Relieves constipation and bloating: As a detox, sabja seeds work to regulate smooth bowel movement. The seeds are known to contain volatile oils that help in keeping the gastrointestinal tract clean.

Treats acidity: Due to their diuretic functions, sabja seeds flush out toxins from the body, which helps neutralise the acidic effect of HCL in the body and brings relief. Soaked sabja seeds are full of water and help in soothing the stomach lining, thus relieving the burning sensation.

Caution However, it is said that pregnant women and children should avoid consuming the seeds. While children could choke on the seeds if not mixed well with water, they are known to lower the levels of estrogen in pregnant women. Therefore, it is best for pregnant women to check with their doctor.

Where to buy this seed?

Visit B. Nagiah’s or any health store closest to you for this amazing seed!

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