‘Misleading’ Protest By South African Indians Says Consul-General Anju Ranjan

#SOUTHAFRICA: India’s Consul General of Johannesburg has criticised the protest led by South African Indians as ‘misleading’ in Johannesburg against India’s new citizenship laws.

Under the banner ‘South Africans Against Apartheid India’, protestors marched on the Indian Consulate in Johannesburg in solidarity, saying the law marginalises and blocks the naturalisation of Muslims. Violent protests across India have left several dead and hundreds jailed.

A group calling itself South Africans against Apartheid India marched to the offices of the Indian Consulate General in Johannesburg on December 22 to protest against a controversial new Indian citizenship law.

India’s consul-general to South Africa, Mrs. Anju Ranjan comments on the CAA & NRC protests that have swept across major cities of India. Ranjan also indicated that anti-India ‘miscreants’ that were identified at the protest in Johannesburg are misleading the agenda of India’s citizenship laws.

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Divided over India’s Citizenship Act

The Citizenship Amendment Act is said to be easier for non-Muslims in Afghanistan, Bangladesh, and Pakistan who settled in India prior to 2015 to obtain Indian citizenship. Twenty-three people have been killed in protests across India since Parliament passed the law earlier this month. Chriselda Lewis was outside the Indian Consulate in Parktown, Johannesburg, with a group of protestors.

Fatima Laher of ‘South Africans Against Apartheid India’ spoke to Chriselda Lewis calling India’s government ‘fascist’.

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Source input: SABC News

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