Invest In A Desk Plant To Ease Work Stress

The long commute to the office, traffic, deadlines, a heavy workload, an annoying colleague or an unappreciative boss – there are a lot of reasons we experience work stress. But often small steps can help lower it. For example, flirting with your colleagues and getting a succulent for your desk.

Researchers at the University of Hyogo (Japan) led by Dr. Masahiro Toyoda have found that tending to a plant at work can help lower stress and anxiety levels. Their study has been published in the journal HortTechnology.

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According to CNBC, researchers studied the stress and anxiety levels of 63 full-time desk workers (aged 24 to 58) over the course of 4 weeks. Each participant was asked to take a 3-minute break when they felt overwhelmed with work. During this time they were encouraged to water their desk plants.

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Mail Online reports that pulse rates of 27% of participants and the heart rate of 17% of participants fell due to the plants. Dr. Toyoda was quoted saying,

“Gazing at a plant creates separation from stressors and provides the participants opportunities to remove themselves from the strain of work if only for a few minutes each time.”

It is not possible to take a walk in the park during working hours so why not bring some nature to your office? Plants are also known to uplift our moods and also boost creativity.

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