Durban Sex Tape Drops On Social Media

Representative Image: Source Savdhaan India

#DURBAN: After a sex tape went viral in 2019, Sameera Naidoo of Chatsworth was forced to lay criminal charges of abuse, harassment, and damage to property against a man she once dated.

Now, another South African Indian couple have become the focus of social media users attention as their racy sex tapes go viral. Late Wednesday afternoon a series of photos and three explicit videos were shared on various Whatsapp groups. The accompanying photos identify a female’s Facebook profile with other photos confirming her identity as the participant in the sex videos.

The couple believed to be from Phoenix, are seen in three videos engaging in sexual acts with their faces visible in the sex tapes. The nature of the videos seen by Indian Spice indicate that consent was mutual in the filming of the hardcore content.

Is there a third person in one sex tape?

Both individuals engage in racy dialogue in all three videos but it is in the third video that raises another question. The male – who is engaged in sexual acts with the female sprawled on a bed – seems to be talking to a third person in the bedroom. It is not clear who the third person who he refers to as ‘bru’ in the video.

This is a case of another sex tape gone viral with circumstances of it being released could most likely be an error transmitting the content perhaps malice, revenge or sheer irresponsibility on the account of the couple.

South Africa’s ‘Revenge Porn’ Law

South Africa’s President Cyril Ramaphosa signed several new bills into law October 2019 reported TimesLIVE, many of which could be deemed a long time in coming. The new laws include an amendment to the Films and Publications Act, which makes the distribution of hate speech, child pornography and revenge porn illegal.

Anyone found guilty of sharing revenge porn will now face penalties of between two and four years in prison or a fine of between R150,000 and R300,000, depending on whether the victim is identifiable.

While this story develops here’s an evergreen message from our Aunty Vassi regarding sex tape and the aftermath that the victim has to endure.


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