Unattended Toddler Walks 5th Floor Ledge Watch Here

Raising a toddler can be tiresome as it leaves you with no private time. Basic chores like taking a hot shower, sleeping peacefully at night and buying groceries, become a luxury when you have a child. We all know about the dangers of leaving mischievous and accident-prone babies alone. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Recently, a mother learned her lesson the hard way. In an alarming video shared online, a child can be seen walking along the narrow ledge of an apartment building at Playa Paraíso, in Adeje, Tenerife.

Have a look at the nerve-wracking footage shared on Facebook:

The child’s family was holidaying at the popular tourist destination in Spain when the incident occurred, reports the Metro. The 18-second clip shows the child dangerously walking back and forth from the balcony railing on the fifth floor of the building. The mother was supposedly in the shower when the child made her escape through the open window.

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