McDonald’s Couple Beatdown Netizens React

#UMHLANGA: Netizens have seen some real love with the KFC couple and then everyone met the McDonald’s couple, Kim and Pashi.

A brawl that occurred inside a the Umhlanga franchise of McDonald’s soon went viral. Social media can be brutal and here’s some of the feels from netizens.

East Coast Radio reported,

Pashi Reddy says a group of men insulted him inside McDonald’s grabbing him by his tie causing him to pass out.

McDonalds Umhlanga Fight
Image Source: Facebook

“They spat on me and swore at me while I was passed out, Kim tried to resuscitate me, but luckily she removed my tie. If Kim didn’t remove my tie, I would be dead. We have reported to the police, we have opened a file in Durban North”. 

Here’s some of the reactions from social media users

And the meme’s refused to die down

Reddy says he and his fiance are still recovering from the ordeal.

“She has bruises all over her body. I’ve got scars on my legs and neck. My throat is swollen from the tissue damage to my neck. We haven’t been to work. It’s been absolutely traumatic for us and our family,” he said.

Durban North police have confirmed a case of assault with intent to do grievous bodily harm has been opened. 


Who is Kim and Pashi exactly? Visit here

Source Inputs: ECR | Facebook

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