Period Notes By The Menstrual Writer

Representative Image: Source Roanna Moodley/Instagram

SHE MATTERS: A new section launching on Indian Spice dedicated to the voice of the Indian female written during her menstrual period. A time when the body changes and emotions are frazzled. What exactly is the menstrual cycle asking you to speak out about? 

Can you brave that time to carve what’s on your mind? Write it down, express it in pictures or video perhaps. It could be that relationship issue with a friend, pregnancy stories, love issues, a #MeToo experience, a weight problem or something you have never shared before? We are looking for your story, your truths, the things that matter to another woman who can learn from your story. Your story can range from a domestic matter at home with the in-laws or an issue with family.

Get a sense of the stories we have by browsing our dedicated sections listed below:

Take this opportunity to express yourself with Indian Spice’s readers across the Indian diaspora giving them a view through your eye. The feminist agenda is by far the most important space where MORE voices must rise, each one teach one.

Submit your piece or any questions by emailing it to or drop us a Whatsapp here now

Submissions will be treated confidential and content will be published anonymously if required by the writer.


Image Cover Source: Roanna Moodley Instagram

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