Woman Dangles 7YO Grandson Over Balcony To Rescue Cat

Leaving young children unsupervised is not a good idea. They might get themselves into dangerous situations like falling off a sixth storey balcony or climbing out of a window onto the narrow ledge of an apartment building. But what if their guardians themselves put them in such situations? Sounds unbelievable but it is true.

According to The Indian Express, on January 5, Ms. Tang from Sichuan Province in China tied a rope around her 7-year-old grandson Hao Hao and dangled him from their fifth-floor balcony to rescue their pet cat stuck on the fourth floor.

The nerve-wracking video shows the grandmother lowering the boy onto a narrow ledge and subsequently hauling him up after he secured the cat in a bag. The eyewitnesses of the residential building reportedly criticised the elderly woman for risking her grandson’s safety and were glad that he escaped unhurt.

Mail Online quoted the woman saying,

“It is not that I would rather risk my grandson’s life to save my cat. I did it because I was certain (of his safety)…I know what I did was wrong and will never do that again.”

Reports suggest that the boy’s parents work in another city and have entrusted their child with his grandparents. Wonder what they had to say after they found out about this risky incident.


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