Another Durban Sex Video With Underage Minors Goes Viral

#DURBAN: A shocking video has surfaced on Tuesday on social media with presumably naked, underage minors engaging in a sex party has now become the latest series of viral porn videos.

In a series of videos being distributed online, one of the videos show a young female naked in a bathtub. This while another naked female is seen shnarfing lines of what is presumed to be cocaine. In another video, this shows both girls engaging in sex in the bathtub while they are filmed by a bunch of voyeuristic young men.

Both females are presumed to be minors.

One of the females in the shocking sex tapes had posted a status update on a social media site regarding the leaked videos. It is believed she stated legal action will be taken against those slut-shaming her. The social media account was thereafter deleted with no trace of the user or her posts.

The public is urged to stop sharing the content which is considered ‘child pornography.

South Africa’s ‘Revenge Porn’ Law

South Africa’s President Cyril Ramaphosa signed several new bills into law October 2019 reported TimesLIVE, many of which could be deemed a long time in coming. The new laws include an amendment to the Films and Publications Act, which makes the distribution of hate speech, child pornography and revenge porn illegal.

Anyone found guilty of sharing revenge porn will now face penalties of between two and four years in prison or a fine of between R150,000 and R300,000, depending on whether the victim is identifiable.


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