Durban Sex Tape Victim Lashes Out

Durban Sex Tape Victim Lashes Out

#DURBAN: The victim of a viral Durban sex video has lashed out over slut-shaming she is experiencing from the public and exposes the man who shared the videos.

In a furious outburst on her Instagram story, the woman revealed the name of the male in the leaked explicit video. She also went on to share that her current relationship has ended due to the viral sex tapes and her emotional state of mind.

She reveals that her mother has viewed the content and this is the one regret that she has of the incident. The female victim has expressed her anger at social media users who are slut-shaming her for something that was personal and shared without her consent.

In the straightforward Instagram post, it is assumed she will be taking action against the alleged perpetrator and his friends for leaking the content.

She posted,

F*ck you @**** for making the world see me like that. And f*ck you for letting my mom see me that way.

In addressing the people who have seen the explicit videos she stated,

For everyone that has seen the video, I was not in the right state of mine, he had no consent whatsoever, that wasn’t me, it’s not me and I’m so sorry if I portrayed myself like that. I grew up and I fell in love with someone who changed me into a better person. So **** f*ck you for ruining everything bro. Whatever happens now, that’s on you and your friends.

And to those that are sharing the content further,

And for those of you sending it around likes it’s nothing, f*ck you because if that was you, you would want it to stop. And it’s YOU grown-up men doing this, GROW UP!

Durban Sex Tapes

The victim and the alleged perpetrator have been contacted for comment however we have had no response.


Source: Instagram

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