Anu Malik Sexual Harassment Case Has Been Closed

#INDIA: The #MeToo movement in India has exposed many sexual harassment incidents including calling out various Bollywood celebrities for their exploitative and inappropriate behavior.

Anu Malik was name in the many allegations made during the MeToo movement as singer Shweta Pandit and others accused him of sexual misconduct. This led to the Indian singer-composer to step down from the jury panel of Indian Idol Season 10 in October 2018 however he later returned. Now, according to a recent report by Mumbai Mirror, the sexual harassment case against the singer has been closed.

The National Commision for Women (NCW) India has issued a statement that the case against Anu Malik has been closed due to “lack of communication” and “substantial evidence”.

Chairperson of NCW, Rekha Sharma revealed that the complainant had been approached and responded saying that she was travelling and would get back. However, Sharma claims that after waiting for 45 days, the complainant still hasn’t responded. Sharma has also clarified that the case has not been closed permanently. If the complainant were to respond with evidence, the case can be reopened.

Anu Malik has been accused by multiple women including Sona Mohapatra, Shweta Pandit, and Neha Bhasin.

In November, Anu Malik broke the silence on the #MeToo allegations against him. He took to Twitter to post a long note detailing his own situation and why he hadn’t spoken up earlier.

In the note, Anu Malik denied the allegations, calling them “false and unverified”. He wrote that he was “waiting for the truth to surface on its own” and that his “silence on the matter has been misconstrued” as his weakness. Towards the end of the open letter, Malik thanked his well wishers who had stood by him and his family in this “dark phase”.


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